Orient Allure Lingerie Ltd. was registered and established in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, in December 2012, and launched its production in March 2013.

Orient Allure is a manufacturing enterprise specialized in lingerie manufacturing and lingerie exporting business. It is operated by a management team and a technical team directly appointed by Rongheng International Trading Co.,LTD. Equipped with efficient management and professional technology from the team, the company has quickly developed into a strong competitor in the underwear production industry in Bangladesh.

Now with more than 600 workers, the 7200㎡ facility is operating 11 production lines of bras and briefs, manufacturing 8 million pieces a year with an export value of 14.5 million USD in 2016. The company imports raw materials and accessories all from China currently, but is gradually establishing a global purchase system to identify and source suitable materials from all over the world.

The company strives to implement scientific management system in both software and hardware, introducing advanced management philosophy and up-to-date production equipment to put in use. With the ongoing efforts to recruit experienced technical staff and prioritize quality issue in production, the company is continuously promoting its overall quality and efficiency, realizing the Chinese style efficient and high quality service in Bangladesh. The Chinese team based in Bangladesh helps local staffs to improve techniques                            

and enhance efficiency, so as to guarantee the completion of orders from domestic and overseas clients.

With a vision of “rooted in Bangladesh and embracing the world”, supported by the strong design and technology back in China, and the advantage of abundant material and accessories, Orient Allure Lingerie Ltd. will make relentless efforts to achieve its goal in the future: to become a renowned first-class lingerie manufacturer in Bangladesh and the world as well.

Our business philosophy is to deeply understand the market demands, offer the best quality service and product, and satisfy our clients’ needs.

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