Located in Jinqiao area of Pudong New District, Shanghai Rongheng Technical Logistics Center plays two important roles in the company’s underwear business: One is product research and development, and technical sample making, the other is a center of logistics transfer.


    AGMS from Japan, as a specialized underwear CAD system, has been introduced into the technical center to making & grading paper pattern and calculating fabric consumption.  By absorbing modern design ideas and fashion elements from all over the world, our design team is enthusiastically devoted into product research and development, publishing bi-annual product catalogs filled with original designs for our clients. There are experienced paper pattern makers and skillful sample makers in our team to produce R&D samples and further fitting samples based on clients’ concept. Altogether there are 2 designers, 4 paper pattern makers and 12 sample makers in the technical center with a capacity of producing more than 2000 samples a month.


    The logistics center works as a transferstation of Rongheng Orient Allure in Bangladesh, collecting and organizing all the supplies and materials prepared for orders in Bangladesh. The warehouse of the center is in charge of counting and checking all kinds of material delivered by various suppliers, scheduling container shipment to Bangladesh according to production plans, and ensuring the smooth operation and completion of orders manufactured in Bangladesh.


    Technical Logistics Center is the core competitiveness of our underwear business. We will make relentless efforts for higher technology and stronger management, improve our core competitiveness and give powerful technical support to the sustainable development of underwear business.


           Contacts:    Supervising Manager: Han Qian


                     Department Manager: Shen Fenglin


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