Corporate culture and core philosophy:

Professionalism, Diligence, Innovation, Cooperation, Win-win.

1、Professionalism: In pursuit of perfection and professionalism.

2、Diligence: Making unremitting endeavor and persistent efforts.

3、Innovation: Enhancing value by innovation and enterprising.

4、Cooperation: Team-work cooperation and whole picture consideration.

5、Win-win: Mutual benefit and joint development.

Corporate honors:

The company has won Shanghai Model Unit on the 10th, 11th, 16th and 17th awards, Model Unit of Orient International Group Level during the year of 2007-2008 and the year of 2009-2010. Sales Department No.6 has wonthe title of Shanghai Women’s Model Post during the year of 2003-2004, the title of National Women’s Model Post during the year of 2005-2006, and the title of Shanghai Workers’ Pioneer in the year of 2012. Our lingerie factory team in Bangladesh has earned the honorable title of “Shanghai May 1st Women’s (collective) Pacesetter Nomination Award” and the title of Shanghai Innovation and Pioneer Specialty Team. Ms. Han Qian was honored with the title of “Shanghai Women’s Pacesetter” in 2011, the title of Shanghai Model Worker in 2010-2014, and the title of National Women’s Model Pacesetter in the year of 2015.

Social integrity:

For consecutive years, the company has obtained “A-Grade Certificate of Finance and Accounting Credit” issued by The Finance Bureau of Shanghai Pudong New District. The company is ranked an A-Grade Supervised Enterprise by the Customs.

Corporate activities:

A variety of edutainment, reading, culture and sports activities have been organized every year to improve thephysical fitness and cultural attainment of our staff, helping them to be influenced and updated with the new values and contemporary ideas, further enhancing the power of corporate culture and the sense of belonging from our staff, promoting a lifestyle that is scientific, civilized and healthy. 

Social responsibilities:

The company observes all codes of behaviors while developing our business, takes responsibilities to the country and the society in terms of sustainable development, environment and resource protection, and safeguards the legal interest of all relevant parties from our investors, clients, suppliers, employees, to the communities, etc.

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